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So Many Questions. So Few Answers. So confused.

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itsmeredcoat asked: Hahahha it's ok babe I know ur not like that and I told that anon to stop starting drama and that ur not like that u always tell me my theories make u rethink gongs we always have a good time

Yes definetly! 

So about Mona - 1,000% agree!!! I don’t know how she got off the hook so easily and is walking around town like she is a saint! 

The only reason I can agree why the girls are mad at Ali is just because she took so long to reveal herself to them, but I get she didn’t trust them etc. That’s why I am DYING for them to all sit together and just clear things up because none of them are asking questions, just pointing fingers. And I think that’s why the girls feel they “owe” Ali - because she actually has saved them. But would they have needed saving if it wasn’t for Ali to begin with? I don’t know! Lol Ali is just beyond mysterious and I’m looking forward to finding EVERYTHING about her plans - from her hilarious ass diaries, to her reasoning behind creating Red Coat, etc.. 

It makes sense that it wasn’t Ali on the phone because Mona def would have recognized her voice. But A always has that manly creepy voice over! 

I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhaha 

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Confused … Yet again… :D

Ali’s body was first found in her own backyard.

Then it was dug up, and later found in the Halloween train. Jason decided to have her placed inside of the stone wall thing. (please forgive me, but I have no idea what its called and I googled it but nothing came up.)

Did Officer Holbrook get the remains from the grave site at the cemetery or from the stone wall thing?

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To clarify…

Ali is my favorite character. But just because she is my favorite, does not mean I don’t think she is guilty of stuff.

Just because I think she is associated with or is A, does NOT mean I hate Ali. She is sassy and really intelligent to have pulled off what she has. If it wasn’t for her character, the show would not be what it is. And maybe I wouldn’t even like Ali if Sasha didnt do such a good job at acting. Lol

So please quit sending me messages saying I don’t know what I’m talking about, I must be dumb, etc. Its really unnecessary.

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Anonymous asked: so you don't think itsmeredcoat has any valid points?

Ummm did I say that?

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The Silence of E. Lamb …. My thoughts …

It was really hard for me to make it through this episode. It was quite boring. I’m guessing I feel this way because I am dying for the girls to interrogate Ali and finally figure out what the hell is going on! 

Ali’s cries for sympathy only get attention from Emily. She knows damn well not to play those cards with any of the other girls - Emily is the only one she can sucker into believing her. 

Look how concerned “Poor Em” looks.

It absolutely humored me as to how Ali’s face changed when Sydney came creeping out of the stall! Ali looked horrified! And that’s rare! Lol 

I am pretty sure it was Sydney who attacked Ali. And I am pretty sure their (Mona and her side chicks) goal is to scare Ali away, not kill her. 

It’s as if Sydney was planting that seed of fear in Ali when she grabbed her scarf and stuff. 

So if you have been following my blog, you know I am not a big fan of Paily. I think the dynamic between Emily & Paige as friends is great, but as a couple, it’s just too dramatic. But I loved seeing Emily defend Paige and try to get to the bottom of who put a rat in Paige’s locker. 

(Shay is really just such a pretty girl; no matter what face she is making, she looks flawless.) 

My favorite part of this episode… more like the only thing I liked about this episode… was the exchange between Caleb & Ali. Finally, one character who is not scared to speak their mind and confront Ali and her lies!!! I must say, I am quite impressed with the “talent” Ali has to intimidate people. 

The rat thing was really creepy and I don’t know if it was eluding to Melissa putting the rat in Paige’s locker. Seems too easy…

I still think it could have been Mona since Paige & Caleb once put a brain in her locker. 

Remember this?

I hate to see Caleb as some drunky now since I have no idea what happened in Ravenswood. (I really like Hanna’s new ‘punk’ look - she looks really bad ass. Lol) 

I wonder what Mona was doing outside of Jenna’s house. As Emily said, it was out of her neighborhood. In my opinion, Mona was observing all the damage and the possibility that someone was going against her “team”. 

As smart as Spencer is, the idea of putting Ezra’s “hobby” equipment in her shed has got to be one of the dumbest things! 

And I have no idea what the purpose of Ezra talking about writing about his family. But what a precious face! :D 

Ali really thought she could manipulate Hanna into thinking Caleb was going to throw them under the bus. My favorite line Ali used - "Now would be a really bad time to make a mistake."Because slapping Mona wasn’t a mistake. Because lying to Detective Holbrook and Detective Tanner wasn’t a mistake….

So is Eddie dead now? Did he have Ezra’s number saved on his phone, because he got ahold of him rather quickly? 

I think this is the last we see of E. Lamb (hence the silence part of the episode’s title). 

What an awkward dinner! I wonder what it would have been like if Aria & Spencer were there?!

Ali put on such a good performance! I enjoyed seeing Emily & Hanna exchange looks. Its as if they said a million words to each other just by looking at each other. 

Hated when Ali held Emily’s hand. I took a screenshot of it, but I’m really bored with the episode. 

Before I end this… 

Team Sparia! Lol 

Love Aria & Spencer working together! 

I will make a separate post of Bethany’s drawings and A. I also have a possible theory although I still am missing a few connections! Maybe you guys can help me fill in the gaps! 

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Anonymous asked: do you know itsmeredcoat? he will change your views on Alison

Yessss I adore him and his blog! And I know he’s a hardcore Ali fan! Lol

But I stand my ground … Ali is guilty of ALOT!!!

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Anonymous asked: if Alison is "A" why in last weeks episode was she attacked and almost killed? exactly.

Because there are people who are getting revenge on Ali. Multiple people, not just Mona. There can be so many A teams involved at this point that Ali could still very we’ll be leading one.

I will not throw out my belief that Ali is and has been lying until the girls get answers to ALL their questions - answers and not stories. (We can’t disregard Ali’s journals and the alternate identities she created just because she is now “scared”.)

If you believe Ali is not guilty - great! I love Ali’s character. I’m not talking down on her so I hope no one takes my posts as that.

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Anonymous asked: If I can be completely honest for a minute, I have to say PLL has been boring me lately. The last few episodes of 4B were so eventful but didn't do much for me. Beginning of season 5, was interesting but still sorta overhyped for what it was. The last two or three episodes, I was starting to regain my interest in the show and then this episode kinda bored me again. I sorta feel like if I didn't wanna know the answers so bad I would stop watching. Am I the only one who feels like that?

I have to say… I agree.

This last episode was just a bunch of talking and blah blah blah. I am looking forward to next weeks episode. I really did think season 5 was starting off good and I enjoyed Miss Me x 100, but I dont like when there isn’t enough action. I couldn’t even make it through a second watch of the episode to post my thoughts. :(

You are not the only one feeling that way! Lol Hopefully it picks up as we come near to the end of 5A.