droogsandmilk asked:
But, you know, Ali lies a lot... So maybe she lied about being late haha I'm a hopeless believer I know 😆 I just wanna know why BH was such a secret

Same here!

It would make sense that it was Wilden because he was older and a cop.


Anonymous asked:
In the episode where we find out mona is -A, the girl in the black swan outfit was talking to Jenna and lucas. I don't really remember but was it melissa who was wearing that? Bc if it wasn't it could totally be sydney ??

Hello there. Sorry for the late reply - I’ve been quite busy latetly.

Anyway, I’ve read a few theories hinting to Sydney being involved in season prior to season 5. I don’t like this only because people who we thought were irrelevant, were in fact important. It almost gives the writers the liberty (which I know they have) to just go an make random people in episodes suddenly important.

In S3E04 (Birds of a Feather), Melissa actually revealed that it was her at the Masquerade Ball and Mona (aka A) had blackmailed her into attending. She also had to distract Jenna & Lucas. Whiiiich brings me to a question - if Mona, Lucas, and Jenna were all working together (as they are now), why would Mona need them distracted. Hence, I think Ali actually blackmailed Melissa into attending, only Melissa thought it was Mona who gave her the order.

Hope it makes sense. I’ll check out the episode tomorrow just to see if I pick up on anything else. Thanks for your message!

Aria hit Bethany, Tanner is onto it, and Ezra is protecting her



Holbrook arrested Spencer for Bethany’s murder, but Tanner wasn’t there and we all got the feeling she might not have approved of his actions in 5x12. He was clearly acting on his own initiative, maybe bribed by A, maybe to please Ali because he is beach hottie, I don’t…

Did we all just forget Aria killed Shana? I think thats what Detective Tanner is after.

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isn't it toby?

No the rest of the conversation is about Toby. Beach Hottie and Toby are definitely two different people.

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I don't think 'beach hottie' was a girl. Although it is a good theory and would be an awesome twist, Ali thought she was pregnant right? Even though that turned out to be untrue, she would have had to have sex with a guy in order to think she was pregnant :)

Hahah yes that’s the way biology works! Thank you for pointing it out - it’s been about 2 seasons since they mentioned Beach Hottie so I completely forgot what the story was with that!

Anonymous asked:
But...didn't beach hottie got Ali ''pregnant''?

Thanks for reminding this! Although you shattered my thrill of an extreme plot twist! Lol jk! Seriously, thanks because I went back to rewatch to see what we learned about beach hottie!

Melissa’s Engagement Ring



Does anyone remember what happened?

I’m watching season 2 right now and I don’t think they followed up on it….

Melissa found it behind a toaster in their kitchen. 



Spencer found it behind the toaster but remember she pawned it so she could get Toby the truck. Then when she went back, someone purchased it and left a horse shoe.

Spencer was then looking for a replacement online but they were too expensive. And the story was just dropped…

BeAch Hottie

I was very excited with the idea that Beach Hottie could possibly be a female after I received a message from an Anon. I thought it would be a great twist, but I have received messages saying that it is a guy because Ali thought she was pregnant by him and it’s true.

I went back to watch the episodes where we learn about Beach Hottie and the first mention of him was in S3E17. Here are some pics of the conversation along with what is says in the notebook: 

So Beach Hottie is a guy. (There’s so many forgotten stories in this show that its hard to keep up…) Do you guys think Beach Hottie was Wilden?

These are pages from Bethany’s Radley file.

The most interesting thing I can read is that Bethany states “she can no longer go home now”. What all was Mrs. D or Ali doing that Bethany felt she couldn’t go home?