These are pages from Bethany’s Radley file.

The most interesting thing I can read is that Bethany states “she can no longer go home now”. What all was Mrs. D or Ali doing that Bethany felt she couldn’t go home?

Anonymous asked:
but remember when we point Wilden as BH ... at this point I can't believe it anymore beach hottie seems like an imaginary friend

I still would love to know what Ali’s relationship with Wilden was. I don’t think they ever really talked about it. And another thing that upsets me with the girls - why haven’t they asked Ali about it?! Ask more question damnit! Lol That’s what I always yell at the screen when I see them with Ali! 

But if Beach Hottie was a girl, that would truly leave me shocked. We know Ali had feelings for Emily, so it’s very possible! I hope it isnt an imaginary friend because they made it a big deal for like 4 episodes! lol 

Anonymous asked:
you sound like "itsDarkbloom" he flips out on people on youtube haha

hahaha it’s not that I’m really upset, more frustrated with the extremes people revert to in order to prove a point. 

luvtheking asked:
OhmyGOD! THANK YOU. I usually scroll thru the numerous "original" thoughts people have about Aria being A- like butterflies on her dress or whatever the crap, it's SO ANNOYING. NOBODY ELSE'S WARDROBE IS ANALYSED AS MUCH. People need to come up with REAL theories as to why they THINK she might be A, instead of using the "sshh" and her stuffed pet pig to explain everything away.

Yesss! Totally agree! I don’t know why people have it out for Aria. I haven’t read theories about her wardrobe and thank goodness I haven’t or else I’d probably be short of a computer or phone! 

I’m really annoyed at all the “Aria is A” theories I have been reading and the “evidence” used against her. Not all points are bad, some are actually really really good. But the most annoying (besides her saying the “shhh” thing at the beginning of the episode) is that we (the audience) do not know about Aria’s past.

Can someone please tell me which episodes address Hanna or Emily’s past? I have watched all the seasons at least 4 times each… If not more…. (That’s nothing I’m proud of!) but if memory serves me well, no episode goes into detail about any of the girls’ past?!?

Each girl has had some type of conflict, which Ali used against them. At no point in time have we learned how any of the girls became friends with each other or with Ali. Nor can anyone say that Emily’s problem was greater than Aria’s problem or Hanna’s. Ali used Byron’s affair against Aria. I personally have been through that with my parents and I can tell you it is far from easy! Hanna had her eating disorder and while I’ve never experienced that, I sympathize with issues like that because they can cause physical harm. Same for Emily. And Spencer. I just am so annoyed with people using that as evidence against Aria. It makes arguments and theories practically invalid!

Sorry for the rant, I just hope my point gets across and people stop morphing the show to fit whatever they hope to happen….

This is too cute! Aria Montgomery (made by Bella Thorne from Disneys Shake it Up).

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Yeah! Haha I mean, why is beach hottie a secret? Alison had many affairs with guys but why did she have to keep this one such a secret? It's either an older guy( like a cop, which could mean it is Holbrook) or a girl. And I don't even know why but I kinda think beach hottie is a girl, it would be awesome

We know Ali has had feelings for Emily so it very well could be a girl! That would be really crazy & it would explain too why she had to hide it!!! Eeeek, imagine?!?

itsmeredcoat asked:
I from day one said all the visits were real and what people don't get is if Ali is A id be so glad cuz then we have that mystery solved what I'm annoyed with is tht it doesn't matter what she does she will never be trusted ever like leave tht bitch on the run! Who cares if tht loon comes home and ppl think it's ok tht Mona's almost killed everyone and becuz she was bullied? K so if Hanna died and Spencer went crazy and never recovered and Toby died and Emily died would it still be ok?

Marlene had said something along the lines of us feeling sorry for A once we learn who they are and what their intentions were/are. So if it is Ali, it could be that we’ll forgive her. If Ali has good reasons for lying to the girls, I just don’t get why she can’t tell them - she has already ruled them out as not being A.

The funny thing with Mona …. I think it’s unrealistic how Byron is okay with Mike dating her, how her mom acted like nothing… It’s all “fake”. If it was the real world, I don’t think our parents would have us anywhere near a person like that. I personally loved Mona’s character, just like Ali’s… I just don’t condone their behavior. But the writers do stuff on purpose so they can get us all crazy! Lol

Alison alleged evil laughing and smirking? Not so much… she definitely was glad but people r saying she was laughing and had the most cynical grin like she’s the joker..


hahahahaha this isn’t laughing or a cynical joker like grin, no I’m not “sticking up for her” or being “blind” she just isn’t the joker or laughing maniacally 









Agree! Ali was definitely not laughing, but you can tell from her expressions that something was on her mind! 

Anonymous asked:
What if beach hottie was a girl?

Talk about a twist!!! That would be cray cray on a whole different level because I think we all think its a guy (suspects: Wren, Darren, now Holbrook lol). 

OMG now you have me thinking!!!!!!!!!!!