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So many questions. So little answers.

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Anonymous asked: Was Ali already receiving A messages when she is talking to Spencer about her diaries? Because I always assumed she was saying that Spence would carry on leading the group - but she could be talking about carrying on searching for A. Because Spencer was the only one that figure out some hints from that diary they found. Where are the other ones?? Sorry, just rambling and trying to find as much as I can till they give us PLL back haha

Sorry for answering so late. I wanted to check some past episodes to give you the best answer possible. 

If I am not mistaken, this is the scene you are referring to right? (S03E22 - Will the Circle be Unbroken)

I do not think Ali was getting A messages at this time. I agree with you that she meant Spencer carrying on leading the group, which is exactly what Spencer did when Ali “died”. I don’t think she was talking about searching for A mainly because she suspected that one of the girls (the liars) was A. 

According to Mona, she has Ali’s diaries. She showed them to Spencer on the ipad. But, she is missing some, but evidently Spencer knows how to find them. It’s as if Spencer is the missing link to some puzzle. 

You bringing this scene up really convinces me that Ali set all of this up. Mona thinks Ali is really dead, Ali says Mona helped her escape. Who do we believe? Someone who has been hiding out for 2+ years and never revealed it to her “best friends” or a “psychotic” teenage girl who apparently has been torturing 4 girls because they took away her friend??? At this point, I don’t believe Ali. I don’t fully believe Mona neither, but Ali wanted a big scandal, she wanted to be this mysterious story and she would do anything to get that. 

I have been watching episodes over and over and over …… and over. Lol waiting until JUNE!!!! 

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itsmeredcoat asked: Yea I forgot about him! Lemme add that back in there.. He's such a creep but so cute

Hahaha agree 1000%! Which is why I believe Ali could have had a fling with him! :)

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fityoudeserveit asked: I'm glad you liked them :) and they are only two.

Ahh ok thanks!! I saved them and plan on doing something with the bunny pic. I will message you once I’m done with it. :) 

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itsmeredcoat asked: I made a list a few days ago! Great mind think alike

hahaha yes, great great minds! ;) 

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Anonymous asked: That's a good one. What if the person on the roof was not A and was someone A hired. And if A is one of the people that were at the police station that night that would make sense to hired someone,in order to not look guilty. I'm still thinking about A as being Mona.. and how Ezra managed to keep the "lair" from Ravenswood if he was going to school everyday?Argh and if he was a simple writer why Mona involved with him?Like she's the Pshycho one(don't have any space I'll write you another message

(There ya go) ok so if Mona used Ezra to get to Ali because she knew he was obsessed with her and he was getting even closer from were Ali was. So instead of Mona doing the dirty work,Ezra did the work for her. What do you think about that?

Hello Anon - sorry, sorry, sorry for the late reply. 

I love reading your thoughts and questions because they reflect mine! Its fun to try to make sense of it all!!! 

Mona could still possibly be A, or helping Ali. Because I think Ali’s story is a lie, it only makes sense to me that Mona still has some involvement. 

EXACTLY! EXACTLY! EXACTLY! How in the world did Ezra manage to keep up such an organized and detailed lair in Ravenswood if he had to teach at Rosewood High or at Hollis?! It doesn’t make sense. Also, did he really need all those suits we see in the closet? I figured he’d use those to meet with the “publishers”, but it still does NOT add up!!! I have so many questions about the “Ezra reveal”. 

I think Mona did the dirty work (or had others doing it). Ezra would have alot to risk, including his book, if he were caught doing something bad. Mona knows alot of secrets from Ali’s journals, so it’s so easy for her to blackmail people into doing things. 

Message me if you want to discuss anything else!! :) 

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mindviagra asked: She was blackmailing everyone because she knew she would run away.I just thought of this, so there is a probably a lot of details missing, so if you guys think of anything that would fit in this theory, let me know! (I am also sending you another theory about Aria being A, which I don’t believe as much as I do in the one above, and it’s quite long, so sorry :) part 3

Hey! Just compiled your messages and posted your theory! Great thinking! 

Since I am rewatching, if I see anything that ties in line with this, I’ll take a screen shot and add it on to the post I made with your theory! 

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Anonymous asked: Ali's story adds up. It was explained that Ali used Vivian to watch A or to be in disguise. When Mona saw her she's currently watching A and Ali gives Mona a phone number. When she finds Ali walking half dead, she says I checked in under Vivian Darkbloom like you told me. Hanna seeing Ali occurs weeks and maybe months before Ali disappears. It was never said VD was created after Ali died. But heavily suggested that it was before.



Hello Anon - sorry for the late reply! 

I totally understand that the Vivian disguise was created prior to Ali disappearing. But I feel like it was all set-up, that if she wasn’t attacked by “A”/someone else, she would have disappeared anyway to get people talking about her. 

I still think Ali is lying about everything! hahah I know it’s baad! 

I AGREE SO MUCH.  She’s totally not telling them the truth.

Great - I’m not the only one!!! Lol :D

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