Mmmhh. So we can assume there is no big A clue in season 1, but maybe some in 2B…

Very important to know!!

Does it bother anyone else that Marlene uses 3 terms here?

  1. Original A
  2. Big A
  3. Mona

Does this mean that “Original A” was not Mona?

Wait, what the fuck?
Was Mona Original A or not because didn’t Marlene say that Mona was the Original A?

Didn’t Mona call Aria “Big A” or do you think that means nothing? 

I personally think it means nothing. Although the girls may be guilty of certain things, I don’t think either of them could be A. (At least I hope they don’t go that route….)




So I can stop re-re-re-re watching S1 for clues right?

I’m with you on this! I keep rewatching thinking something will click, but it doesn’t. It makes matters worse… Especially the whole Ezra thing.

Alison… Bethany… Sara…

First off, I want to express my desperation for PLLs return! It seems like it has been soooo long since we’ve been without PLL and January still feels far away. I miss looking forward to 7pm so I can sit 2 inches in front of the tv biting away at my nails due to the anxiety the show causes me! Can’t wait for the return!!!

I was thinking…. And I’ve probably said it before…. But what if Bethany Young is still alive and the remains Detective Holbrook has are those of Sara Harvey. This would explain A and their endless torture and how he/she it never goes away…. It would explain Mona’s death (because I don’t think Ali killed her). If Ali faked her death, Bethany could easily do the same.



Love this!

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So sorry I have been MIA. Nursing school and life are kicking my ass but I will devote some time to PLL b/c that makes life even more frustrating since I have a million and one questions!


NEW VIDEO Ali Cece Bethany “That Night” 

NEW VIDEO Ali Cece Bethany “That Night” 

NEW VIDEO Ali Cece Bethany “That Night” 

NEW VIDEO Ali Cece Bethany “That Night” 

NEW VIDEO Ali Cece Bethany “That Night” 

NEW VIDEO Ali Cece Bethany “That Night” 

NEW VIDEO Ali Cece Bethany “That Night” 

Check out Sam’s videos y’all!





Has this sneak peek of the script just confirmed that it was indeed Cece in Alison’s bedroom on the day of Alisons funeral?

To us it looks a lot more like Alison then Cece! 

I hate this if its true, i dont want it to be cece! 

ne neither, she just doesn’t look like Cece

If it is Cece, what was she doing in the house? Wasn’t Maya already living there?


I was rewatching the first episode and this scene came up. We have never received confirmation of who this person is. If its CeCe, she must have known Maya. 



Again, this is from Season 2 Episode 13 “The First Secret”. 

This instantly made me think of Radley, but this is from the spooky house.

Check out the freakin’ doll house!!!!! Does it not look like a revamped one A is always “playing” with?!!! 


I think the person who showed up at the Zoo is definetly a female. In one of the images (center), it looks as if she is wearing a mask.

The pics are kind of dark but it looks like someone we have yet to meet. (I will post better pics tomorrow.)

Who do you think showed up?

What if this blonde girl is the same one who killed Mona? 

Confused … Yet again… :D


Ali’s body was first found in her own backyard.

Then it was dug up, and later found in the Halloween train. Jason decided to have her placed inside of the stone wall thing. (please forgive me, but I have no idea what its called and I googled it but nothing came up.)

Did Officer Holbrook get the remains from the grave site at the cemetery or from the stone wall thing?